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Appendix 11 – Follow-up

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After 3 months and/or until established on HRT to ascertain:

  • symptom control
  • side-effects
    • estrogenic
    • progestogenic
  • progestogen associated bleed
    • timing
    • amount
    • duration
  • blood pressure (HRT does not cause an increase in BP)
  • weight
  • breast examination, if symptomatic
  • mammographic density may increase on HRT and may be dependent on the type of HRT being used. This may affect the interpretation of the mammogram.

Follow-up visits once established on HRT:

  • well-women check as for any other woman
  • encourage continuation for as long as necessary to give symptom relief (usually 3-5 years) or up to at least 50 years if younger. Do not stop abruptly so as to minimise early symptoms.

Continuation of therapy is also helped by the opportunity to ask advice about minor problems by phone from a well-informed nurse.